Tunstall Mastiffs
Breeding the typey big Old English Mastiffs to
be a part of your family.  We are a family first
with our dogs as family members.  
Tunstall Mastiffs
at Lake Richland Chambers

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As breeders, we strive to breed quality mastiffs for
the family as show dogs or as pets. We are a small
breeder in Texas and only have one litter per year
with our goal to get another female and that would
just be 2 litters a year.   We love the typey look-
massive head- thickness- overall impressiveness!  
That is what we want to continue in the breed.  We
also want to continue the line of the gentle giant and
can continue to take them with us.  We don't want to
get so big that we don't get to enjoy them in our
lives.  If you have never had a mastiff, you are
missing out!
We have puppies!
1 fawn female and 1 brindle female
Call for information
Puppies available!
Our mastiffs (and our pug)

*are rotten
*snore while sleeping
*live inside
*vacation with us
*have toys that we call babies
*go see Doc for their vet visits and get cookies
(Cleo tries to eat the parrot at the vet)
*play by laying on their backs and biting
each           other but they don't run around- they
just lay          on their backs and play
*dress up and trick or treat for Halloween
*attend sporting events like baseball games
*take family photos with family
*get "cold bones" from the ice dispenser
*love bathes and the rub downs that follow
*love to cuddle on the coach

They are our family and we love them.   I feel
that having puppies is to better the breed and
pass on the wonderfulness of our mastiffs.  If
something happened and they couldn't breed,
they would still be part of our family.  I would/will
never give them away just because they couldn't
breed.  It would break their hearts and ours.  I
am a breeder to make memories and pass on
a wonderful baby to someone who will love
them and give them a home!  
Rudy babysitting Jax while Cleo has babies
Deposits are taken for pick order and
to reserve puppies for litters born or
future litters and are commitments to
a Tunstall Mastiff.  Picks are usually
made around 6 weeks.  Deposits are
non-refundable.  Deposits are
forfeited for backing out of taking a